My research interests lie in the fields of strategic management and public administration. I've partnered with several companies and governments to investigate how public and private actors can generate value together. I am particularly interested in the dynamics of impact-oriented strategies and cross-sector collaborations, and how these arrangements can increase the performance of involved actors while enhancing social welfare. 

Currently, I am an Assistant Professor of Strategy at the São Paulo School of Business Administration, Fundação Getúlio Vargas (EAESP-FGV). Between 2021 and 2023, I was a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Government Outcomes Lab (GOLab, Blavatnik School of Government at the University of Oxford). I hold a Ph.D. in Business Economics (2021) from Insper, São Paulo, and a B.A. in Economics from the University of São Paulo, Brazil (2015).

Before that, I lived during my childhood in my hometown, Uberaba (MG, Brazil), with my parents and big brother. Travelling was always a passion: either for work or leisure, always with close friends. I've been to different corners of Brazil and hope to have soon travelled around every continent. Also, I lived in France twice (Toulouse, 2013-2014, and Paris, 2019-2020) and in Mexico for a couple of months (Guanajuato, 2015). Now I am in São Paulo with my beloved Carol.